The Art of Staying Dead

FC 'The Art of Staying Dead' by Joel HamesBy Joel Hames

A prisoner who doesn’t exist.
A lawyer who doesn’t care.
A secret buried for thirty years.

Sam Williams’ idea of an important decision is whether to have another kebab for lunch. He’s spent ten years running away from other people’s pain, and he’s learned not to look back. Sam needs a client, and for a human rights lawyer with a flexible conscience and an impatient landlord, a high security prison seems a decent bet to find one. But now the bodies are mounting up, the decisions are getting serious, and the pain isn’t someone else’s any more.

Someone wants him dead, the police would like a word, and there’s nowhere left in London to hide. If Sam wants to stay alive, he’s going to have to stop running and figure out why.

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This is a great thriller, taut, fast paced, certainly the best I have read for many a year. Sam is downbeat and distressed, a glittering career stillborn, and a soul corroded by the company he now has to keep. He survives on his wits, poor diet and penchant for a snappy one liner.  | Click here to see the review |