Identity Found

Identity Found, by Ray Green, 3D Book cover image
By Ray Green

Stephen Lewis and Carla Fernandez fled from Miami, Florida a year ago, to escape a terrifying battle with drug trafficking cartels and professional assassins. Now they are living a quiet life in Canada, under false identities.

But when a young female journalist is murdered in New York City, Stephen recognises that the killing has all the hallmarks of one of the world’s most highly-paid and notorious assassins. Why should this man, who can command a fee of millions of dollars for a single hit, be hired for such a seemingly insignificant contract? He concludes that the journalist must have been investigating something big – very big – and had been murdered to shut her up.

The police seem not to have made this link, and Stephen cannot approach them directly, as he is wanted in connection with the events in Miami. Fearful that there may be some terrible plot underway, possibly with many lives at stake, he decides to investigate. Carla insists on helping him.

Before long, Stephen and Carla find themselves battling for their lives once again.

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A brilliant sequel!: Equally as gripping with many twists and turns along the way this book kept me gripped throughout. The cliffhanger at the end leaves me hopeful there will be another book to follow! | Click here to see the review |