Ray Green


Having retired early from the corporate rat-race, Ray spends almost half of his time in southern Spain, where he does much of his writing: his books inspired by his own real-life experiences in business.

Ray has written 5 corporate, financial and psychological thrillers:

  • Buyout, Payback and Chinese Whispers
  • Horizontal Living
  • Lost Identity

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Rose Edmunds

Author of Financial Thrillers, Rose Edmunds

After more than 20 years working for well-known accountancy firms, Rose jumped off the corporate hamster wheel and now writes financial thrillers with a strong ethical theme based on her considerable insight into the business world.

Rose has written 3 financial thrillers:

  • Never Say Sorry
  • Concealment and Exposure

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Joel Hames

Author Joel Hames

In 2009 Joel quit the frenzied environment of the City for a quiet life in the heart of Pennine Lancashire, and dedicated himself to becoming a writer. His books are based on incidents from his life as a banker and lawyer.

Joel has written the following financial and political thrillers

  • Bankers Town and The Art of Staying Dead
  • Brexecution, Victims and Caged (novellas)

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