Bankers Town

FC Bankers Town by Joel HamesBy Joel Hames

“This time everyone else had their ducks lined up and every last duck had “Alex Konninger” written in bold marker-pen on its forehead. If I didn’t crack this fast, those ducks would be shot, shredded and rolled into pancakes before you could say hoi sin sauce.”

Everything’s going rather well for Alex Konninger. He’s drifted his way into a big-money job in a top-tier bank, and if he doesn’t always play by the rules, he’s hardly the only one. Alex doesn’t know it yet, but he’s got a problem, a whole army of problems, in fact, and they’ve all picked this week to jump on him. He’s losing control, his past is about to catch up with him, and he doesn’t know who he can trust, because someone wants him out, and it looks like someone else wants him dead.

In a world of bonds, bodies and blackmail, not everyone will make it to drinks on Friday.

Welcome to Bankers Town, the explosive thriller from Joel Hames.

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This is a great first novel, Alex Konninger is a likeable character, with a snappy turn of phrase, aware as we are of his many weaknesses, but happy to mix it with the big boys nonetheless. With him we are parachuted into the maelstrom of casino banking, finance, red in tooth and claw, and bear witness his to his rise and fall as an eye for the main chance and flexible morality begin to unravel his seemingly gilded life. | Click here to see the review |