Corporate, Financial & Political Thrillers

Buyout: “Big business, corporate treachery, adultery and surprises”

Payback: “A rollercoaster ride of greed, vengeance and dogged determination”

Chinese Whispers: “Another jaw dropping thriller…”

Horizontal Living: "Mediterranean Noir with a comic twist."

Never Say Sorry: “A really exciting page turner - gripping from start to finish!”

Concealment: “a great book, full of suspense and financial knowhow.”

Exposure: “A brilliant sequel to Concealment.”

The Art of Staying Dead: “Expect to not want to put it down once you start!”

Bankers Town: “Brilliant, captivating and weirdly funny.”

Brexecution: "A fast-paced mini-thriller..."

Mainsail Books specialises in corporate, financial, and political thrillers. Although our books are novels, they are based on the real, hard-bitten experience of those who have actually navigated the stormy waters of politics, intrigue and back-stabbing which permeate both the boardroom and the financial world. Our authors, Ray Green, Rose Edmunds, and Joel Hames have, between them, accumulated decades of experience operating at the highest levels in business and finance.

Ray Green has enjoyed a colourful career in business, spanning some 30 years. He has experienced, first-hand, the often surprisingly dark world of corporate politics and business rivalries. His first book, ‘Buyout’, was inspired by his own experience of participating in a management buyout of his own company, and his second, ‘Payback’, is a thrilling sequel exploring the dark consequences resulting from the human desire for revenge. The third book in the series, ‘Chinese Whispers’, reveals the shocking repercussions when business is infiltrated by organised crime. The fourth book, ‘Horizontal Living’, sees the main protagonist of the series, Roy Groves, retiring from the turbulent world of business to an expat community in Spain’s Costa del Sol. The shenanigans which ensue make for a darkly comic thriller.

For more than 20 years, Rose Edmunds almost passed as normal in several leading accountancy firms, working diligently undercover to research her novels. In her debut thriller, ‘Never Say Sorry’, a medical conspiracy escalates to fraud and murder as a pharmaceutical company tries to suppress a miracle cancer cure. She is now best known for the ‘Crazy Amy Thriller Series’, which follows brilliant but unstable Amy in her journey from high-flying finance executive to who knows where… In ‘Concealment’, the first book, Amy suspects her bully-boy boss of murder, but is her paranoia working overtime? In the sequel, ‘Exposure’, the death of an old friend propels Amy into an illicit undercover fraud investigation, which soon spirals out of control. The third in the series will be released in 2018.

As a lawyer, and subsequently a banker in the City of London, Joel Hames saw first-hand the greed, hubris and mistakes that precipitated the financial crisis. Withdrawing to the rural north of England, he fictionalised his experiences in ‘Bankers Town’, a murky tale of bonds, bodies and blackmail. Joel’s second novel, ‘The Art of Staying Dead’, sees a down-on-his-luck human rights lawyer plunged into a world of murder and conspiracy, and forced to face a past he had hoped to escape in order to survive. ‘Brexecution’ is a ninety-page novella: a political thriller which imagines a shady conspiracy behind the ‘Brexit’ referendum in the UK.

Sometimes real life is stranger than fiction.

Buyout by Ray Green
Payback by Ray Green
Chinese Whispers by Ray Green
Horizontal Living by Ray Green

Never Say Sorry by Rose Edmunds
Concealment by Rose Edmunds Front Cover thumbnail
Exposure by Rose Edmunds Front Cover thumbnail

Brexecution by Joel Hames